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Welcome to Ius Tempore’s Show Dogs! Bostons and Boxers. 







We are preservation Breeders and Exhibitors of Boxer and Boston Terriers, in the Sarajevo area. We are a short distance from the Ilidža, Konjic and Mostard areas. We have owned Dogs since 1970, Boxer since 2008 and Boston Terrier since 2015. We believe in health testing our dogs to ensure that if/when our dogs are bred, the parents are free from common hereditary diseases.  These tests include, but are not limited to JHC,  patella, HD, Spondy and Heart tested. Our goal is to produce quality sound good tempered dogs that do well in the show ring.  Most of all, any Boston Terrier and Boxer that we own/ breed are a to be a well adjusted healthy family member. When we have pets available, they are placed on spay/neuter contracts and limited pedigree registration.