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Ius Tempore is owned by Michelle Csuk and Rafa Herândez in order to keep going on with breed development and selection in Bosnia i Hercegovina. 

Not only by breeding healthy family dogs but also by improving breed conformation in our country. Both of us were animal lovers since we were young children and with the love of animals followed the wish to breed them, specially dogs. 

We can proudly say that we actually own some of the highest winning males of europe, breeded by Ius Natura Boxer Kennel. We count with important titles such as Jahressieger of Boxer Klub München in Germany, Worldwinner and Vice-Worldwinner titles, Multiple Country Winners from all over Europe (Germany, Spain, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, etc. just to mention few of them) and multiple club winners and anual winners. We even count with Champion titles from Brazil and Thailand.

It was the love for the boxer breed what first connected us and has since developed to the desire of breeding other breeds too. 

The American Gentleman, or also known as Boston Terrier, stealed our hearts at first sight and we hope to achieve our dreams to help this breed grow and popularity and improve it's health by only selecting the best studs and breeding females like we already do with our Boxer.

But doesn't only work as breeders to improve the development of breeding pure blooded dogs in our country, but also did we help to develop the BKS Boxer Club in bosnia, organizing shows like the Anual Boxer Winner show and judging breeding stock conforming to the oficial FCI standards in order to improve the stocks of our breeds. 

We would love to help you to find your healthy and beautiful dog, so just let us know what you are looking for and we will get in touch with you.